Black History is African History

Our History Did Not Start with Slavery!

photo by oleg magni from pexels

Below are links to articles and videos related to African History. Read with an open mind, eyes, and heart. Learn to think critically and not to regurgitate. The Purpose of the History Building, like any good Library is to provide visitors with various sources, views, and opinions, it is up to the visitor to decide what their truth is.

*One thing that is not debatable is that the oldest human body was found in 1992 “Ardi” who is 4.4 millions years old, previously in 1974 “Lucy” was thought to be the oldest at  3.2 million years old, both were found in Ethiopia, we will let you make your own conclusions.  Black History is African History and did not start the day Africans were stolen from Africa!

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BBC World Service: The Story of Africa


BlackPast (below are a few highlights from the website, very informative)

African American History Events


Global African History Events

Global African History Newspapers, Magazines and Journals

Global History Timeline

Using BlackPast.org in the Classroom

Ethiopian Desert Yields Oldest Hominid Skeleton

By Robert Sanders, Media Relations, 2009


Internet African History Sourcebook (Fordham University)

Editor: Paul Halsall


One of Africa’s best kept secrets – its history

July, 2017 with Zeinab Badawi


Ontario Black History Society (below are a few highlights, great source on Ontario, Canadian history)

Historical Profiles


PBS Wonders of the African World with Henry Louis Gates Jr.


PBS Classroom Lesson Plans

Black Kingdoms of the Nile

The Swahili Coast

Slave Kingdoms

The Holy Land

Road to Timbuktu

Lost Cities of the South

South African History Online: Africa Timeline