Government Relations – Ajax/Whitby

Congratulations to all who ran in the

2018 Municipal Elections!!



Arthur Augustine Mayor Ajax

Arthur Augustine

Jennifer Brown Mayor Ajax

Jennifer Brown

Carion Fenn Mayor Ajax

Carion Fenn

Ward 1

Screenshot_2018-10-16 Vote Chris For Ajax – Your voice on Council

Chris Gillett

Ward 2

Screenshot_2018-10-16 Kenroy Wilson on Instagram ““Leadership is not a title, it is a behaviour ”💭 - For the past decade I[...]

Kenroy Wilson

Ward 3

Dane Record Ajax Ward 3

Dane Record


Regional Councillor

Chudi Asidianya Regional Pickering

Chudi Asidianya

Councillor East Ward 4

Carleen-Blissett-Whitby East Ward 4

Carleen Blissett